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About Footballtots

We are passionate about giving children the best start in football, but Footballtots offers much more than just kicking a ball.

At every session children learn about:

counting, colours, and shapes, the body and the benefits of being healthy and active.

Our weekly sessions follow a similar structure and incorporate fun football games and activities to help children learn to pass, stop and dribble the football.

The repetition not only serves to allow children to master these skills but develops confidence, balance and coordination and helps build the determination and perseverance to tackle more complex tricks and skills.

Early childhood educators view movement as an integral part of the overall learning process.

The Footballtots play programme has been specifically designed to create a learning environment enriched with movement experiences which enhance long-term motor, cognitive, emotional and social development.

Footballtots is a fantastic stepping-stone to prepare children for the structure of school.

Footballtots develops future sporting talent: pre-school children who enjoy to stop, pass and dribble the football and who can move with speed, control and agility.

2 – 3 Years

At this early stage we are focused on developing fundamental motor skills and basic movements such as running and jumping in a fun environment to help children participate fully and gain confidence. Children will be exposed to colour, number and shape basics, creating strong building blocks for future educational growth. Passing, stopping and dribbling with all parts of both feet is our initial football focus.

3 - 4 Years

We encourage children to move in a variety of ways with greater confidence and control. At this age Footballtots love to learn and we will work on more advanced number skills such as counting to 20 and adding and subtracting small numbers. Our football focus will develop faster, increasingly agile footballers who start to manipulate the football more skilfully.

Starting School

Sambarca Football Schools is a great place to continue your football education. We develop many of the skills learned at footballtots and utilise small sided games to help children develop the necessary quick thinking and technical skills to deal with almost any situation with great creativity and imagination.

At Footballtots, development of the whole child is central to our programme. The structure, repetition and positive environment help to develop confident, independent children who are good at concentrating, communicating and following instructions.

The details:

  • Sessions are for boys and girls aged between 2 and 5 years old
  • Each session lasts 45 minutes.
  • No experience of football is required
  • Parents are fully involved in every session.